Hatta Mountain Safari Tour -Dubai
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    Hatta Mountain Safari Tour is the most popular excursions for an adventure tourist in Dubai, the Hatta Mountain safari tour will take you to a 200 year old Hatta Village which is located at the rough Hajar Mountains bordering with Sultanate of Oman. The Hatta Safari starts with 4 wheel drives, and then proceeds along the red sand dune road until mountains are touched, Once you are there you can go on an adventurous drive on the rocky terrain, you will also get ample of opportunities to swim in fresh water pools hidden waterfalls situated in these Hajar mountains and discover some secret caves.

    Hatta fort museum visit is included; display of the authentic lifestyle of the local hatta inhabitants prior to the discovery of oil.

    Meals can be arranged in an exclusive 5 star Hatta Fort Resort or any local restaurant in Hatta.

    pottery, carpets, pashmina’s and other souvenir are available at a bargain price at the local souk on Dubai- hatta highway for a bargain price.

    pick up for hatta mountain safari tour can be arranged from Hotel, residence, cruise terminal, airport or any exclusive location agreed at the time of booking hatta mountain safari tour.


    Pickup & drop off

    Off-road Safari in Hatta Mountains

    Fresh water pools for swimming

    Mineral water



    Swim wear


    8:30 am to 3:30-4:00 pm

    However the timings are flexible for exclusive Hatta Mountain safari tour

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